Advertising and Copywriting

Practice Ad Campaign: Live Golden. Think Robson.

I had to create a practice ad campaign on selling houses in a fake retirement home of my own creation. The campaign uses print, radio, video, and social media ads.

Product: Robson Ranch Retirement Homes is pre-selling houses

Target: active 55-65 year olds living in the Southern United Stated in the suburbs looking to retire soon in the DFW area

Theme/Core Message: Live Golden. Think Robson.

Part I: one magazine ad, two newspaper ads

Magazine AD

Newspaper AD 1

Newspaper AD 2

Part II: 60-second radio ad, 30-second radio ad

Radio Ads

Part III: 30-second TV ad, 10-second TV ad

30-Second TV Ad

10-Second TV Ad

Part IV: two social media ads (Facebook)

The Office Facebook Ad

Best Fur Friends Facebook Ad

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