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Proposal Assignment

Original Submission: Memo To: Dr. Carl Smeller From: Hannah Onder Date: May 3, 2020 Re: The Application of a Campus App In order for the idea of using a campus app for student engagement at Texas Wesleyan to work, the IT Department, the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Division of Student Affairs, the Athletic… Continue reading Proposal Assignment

Advanced Writing

Email Etiquette Assignment

Original Submission: Email 1 (To a potential employer) Subject Line: Application for Summer 2020 Balzer+Bray’s Editorial Internship Dear Dr. Smeller, I’m writing to apply for the Balzer+Bray’s Editorial Internship for summer 2020. My current job as a content producer for the Rambler Media Group gives me experience as a copywriter, layout and graphics designer, photographer, and… Continue reading Email Etiquette Assignment

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Personal Statement

Requirements (Texas Christian University's Bob Schieffer College of Communication's Strategic Communication Graduate Program): Statement of no more than 250 words describing academic and/or professional objectives. Original Submission: Huddled next to my high school journalism teacher and classmate in a storage closet, we cracked opened the first box and carefully pulled out the shrink-wrapped book. It… Continue reading Personal Statement

Advanced Writing

Job Application Assignment

Job listing:   Original Submission: 1234 Street Name Fort Worth, TX 76179   2/18/2020   195 Broadway New York, NY 10007   HarperCollins Publishers: Growing up, I was known as the girl who always had her face in books -- until I was the one creating them. Storytelling is the bottomless chocolate fountain I keep… Continue reading Job Application Assignment

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Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Original Submission: Why Writers Ought to Read Stephen King’s “On Writing” After publishing over 60 books, several of which have gone on to be made into movies, translated into different languages, and win awards, Stephen King has earned the ethos to provide advice to others in his craft (Simon&Schuster). At first glance, King’s “On Writing:… Continue reading Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Intercultural Communication

Podcast Project Borders and Walls: What Separates and Divides Us

Description: We have borders and walls because intercultural communication can be difficult based on a variety of factors. Listen to this podcast to hear about the different reasons, theories, and examples of how communication can get complicated, especially when you step outside of your comfort zone.     Transcription: Hey, this is Hannah Onder on… Continue reading Podcast Project Borders and Walls: What Separates and Divides Us

Intercultural Communication

Country Paper and Presentation

Estonia has a free national press that's a safe environment to work for both foreign and domestic reporters. According to Reporters Without Borders, Estonia ranks number 11 out of 180 countries in the 2019 World Press Freedom index compared to the US, which ranks 48 out of 180. Estonia also hasn't had any media-related deaths… Continue reading Country Paper and Presentation

Intercultural Communication

Social Media Project

For this social media project, I decided to post exclusively to Twitter since we were using hashtags and talking about international news. I feel Twitter is usually the place to share news articles without too much opinion or bias like Facebook. I also feel it just has a better system for monitoring hashtags. Post 1:… Continue reading Social Media Project

Feature Writing

Feature 4: Kromah crosses the stage for her mother

Video by Hannah Onder She will walk up to the stage as the crowd erupts in cheers. Massaran Kromah will shake hands with President Frederick Slabach, grab her diploma, and smile at the crowd, spotting her husband, Ayouba Swaray; sisters Mariam and Matela and, most importantly, her mother Makagbe Dukuly. Dec. 14, 2019 is a day both Kromah and… Continue reading Feature 4: Kromah crosses the stage for her mother

Feature Writing

Feature 3: Rams talk about their winter holiday traditions

Video by Hannah Onder Two longtime friends discovered their attraction for each other through mistletoe. Adreanna Balcorta, attending a holiday party with her friend Kelsea Martin, looked upward and giggled. She jokingly pointed at the romantic, red-and-green plant dangling above the pair’s heads. The kiss that followed that observation lit a spark of passion that… Continue reading Feature 3: Rams talk about their winter holiday traditions