Intercultural Communication

Podcast Project Borders and Walls: What Separates and Divides Us

Description: We have borders and walls because intercultural communication can be difficult based on a variety of factors. Listen to this podcast to hear about the different reasons, theories, and examples of how communication can get complicated, especially when you step outside of your comfort zone.     Transcription: Hey, this is Hannah Onder on… Continue reading Podcast Project Borders and Walls: What Separates and Divides Us

Intercultural Communication

Country Paper and Presentation

Estonia has a free national press that's a safe environment to work for both foreign and domestic reporters. According to Reporters Without Borders, Estonia ranks number 11 out of 180 countries in the 2019 World Press Freedom index compared to the US, which ranks 48 out of 180. Estonia also hasn't had any media-related deaths… Continue reading Country Paper and Presentation

Intercultural Communication

Social Media Project

For this social media project, I decided to post exclusively to Twitter since we were using hashtags and talking about international news. I feel Twitter is usually the place to share news articles without too much opinion or bias like Facebook. I also feel it just has a better system for monitoring hashtags. Post 1:… Continue reading Social Media Project

Feature Writing

Feature 4: Kromah crosses the stage for her mother

Video by Hannah Onder She will walk up to the stage as the crowd erupts in cheers. Massaran Kromah will shake hands with President Frederick Slabach, grab her diploma, and smile at the crowd, spotting her husband, Ayouba Swaray; sisters Mariam and Matela and, most importantly, her mother Makagbe Dukuly. Dec. 14, 2019 is a day both Kromah and… Continue reading Feature 4: Kromah crosses the stage for her mother

Feature Writing

Feature 3: Rams talk about their winter holiday traditions

Video by Hannah Onder Two longtime friends discovered their attraction for each other through mistletoe. Adreanna Balcorta, attending a holiday party with her friend Kelsea Martin, looked upward and giggled. She jokingly pointed at the romantic, red-and-green plant dangling above the pair’s heads. The kiss that followed that observation lit a spark of passion that… Continue reading Feature 3: Rams talk about their winter holiday traditions

Feature Writing

Feature 1: Gonzales paints new vision for Wesleyan art gallery

Video by Hannah Onder Graphic by Hannah Onder Growing up, Rueben Gonzales knew he wanted to be surrounded by art and make a career out of it.    “I’ve always wanted to be in the art world and teach, so I’ve been building my resume and my portfolio and my professional experience with the idea… Continue reading Feature 1: Gonzales paints new vision for Wesleyan art gallery

Special Topics: Social Media

Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

SMART GOALS • Increase audience engagement with posts I’d like to write posts the encourage at least one person to like it or comment on it for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. • Post more content I’d like to post at least three times a week to Facebook and Instagram, two times a week for LinkedIn,… Continue reading Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

Communication Law and Ethics

Ad Watch Assignment

Trump's Illegal Immigration Ad Analyzed: DESCRIPTION The Trump Illegal Immigration ad creates a message of fear by opening with a grinning illegal immigrant, a murder, who says he’ll kill more cops in multiple occasions all montaged together. The ad then precedes to say that the Democrats let him in and follows that up with… Continue reading Ad Watch Assignment

Special Topics: Social Media

Instagram Campaign: Welcome Spring

I was tasked with creating five Instagram posts that captured the theme of "Welcome Spring" and used the hashtag #WelcomeSpring. I choose to do some nature post around the community that visually showed springtime was approaching. I made sure to use strong photos with short captions and hashtags since that's the combination that usually performs… Continue reading Instagram Campaign: Welcome Spring

Special Topics: Social Media

Facebook Campaign: 5 De Mayo Event

I had to craft five Facebook posts to promote an on-campus event. I was tasked with doing promotion, live coverage, and follow up coverage of the chosen event. I chose KDP and BESO's 5 De Mayo event. Since it was a longer event, I decided to do one promotional post, one follow up post, and… Continue reading Facebook Campaign: 5 De Mayo Event