Writing for Careers

Project 5: Composing Career Text

I choose to take what I learned editing a section of the Blackboard Manual and make my own mini instruction manual. I created it specifically for The Rambler Media staff or beginner page designers. Click to view a PDF of my InDesign Manual: How to Create Pages for Beginners Reflection https://www.slideshare.net/HannahOnder/design-instruction-manual-reflection

Digital Design and Editing

The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019

Every semester, The Rambler publishes The Gradual, a special graduation edition of the newspaper. In the spring semester, the Digital Design and Editing class is in charge of editing and designing The Gradual. I was assigned to design page 2, and I was one of the people in charge of editing The Gradual overall as… Continue reading The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019

Advertising and Copywriting

Join the Ramily-Ad campaign

Creative Brief https://issuu.com/hannahonder/docs/creative_brief The Product Product: EJW Library TXWES READS 2018 A: Primary features/benefits in order of importance Feature                      Benefits 1) Reading                 1) Relaxation, Higher Test Scores, Improved Memory 2) Discussion            … Continue reading Join the Ramily-Ad campaign

Advertising and Copywriting

Live Golden Think Robson-Ad Campaign

Product: Robson Ranch Retirement Homes is pre-selling houses Target: active 55-65 year olds living in the Southern United Stated in the suburbs looking to retire soon in the DFW area Theme/Core Message: Live Golden. Think Robson. Part I: one magazine ad, two newspaper ads https://issuu.com/hannahonder/docs/magazine_ad_v5 Magazine AD https://issuu.com/hannahonder/docs/newspaper_ad_new Newspaper AD 1 https://issuu.com/hannahonder/docs/newspaper_ad_new_5 Newspaper AD 2… Continue reading Live Golden Think Robson-Ad Campaign


Semester Four Print/Writing Layout

I redesigned the front page layout from the previous three semesters after taking over as editor-in-chief. The Rambler Vol. 102 No. 1 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/feb._14_vol._102_issue_1 I wrote Freshmen give fresh view on Stella, Top six service areas to know on campus, and Theatre Wesleyan puts on "Important Hats." I designed and photographed all the art paired with… Continue reading Semester Four Print/Writing Layout


Semester Three Print/Writing Layout

The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 8 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/sept._6_book I wrote Wesleyan prepares for football and "Finest piano in Fort Worth" returns home. I designed the graphic for Wesleyan prepares for football and did the layout for page six. The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 9 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/sept._20_book I wrote Blithe Spirit appears at Wesleyan and did the layout… Continue reading Semester Three Print/Writing Layout

Digital Photography

Photo Story Project

Artist Statement: "In Transition" shows a variety of colored photos taken around Texas Wesleyan with the exception of the black and white colored photo. The shots feature college students and non-college students interacting with everyday objects in either a childlike mindset, an adult mindset or somewhere in between. The goal of the photos is to… Continue reading Photo Story Project