Writing for Careers

Project 5: Composing Career Text

I choose to take what I learned editing a section of the Blackboard Manual and make my own mini instruction manual. I created it specifically for The Rambler Media staff or beginner page designers. Click to view a PDF of my InDesign Manual: How to Create Pages for Beginners Reflection https://www.slideshare.net/HannahOnder/design-instruction-manual-reflection

Digital Design and Editing

The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019

Every semester, The Rambler publishes The Gradual, a special graduation edition of the newspaper. In the spring semester, the Digital Design and Editing class is in charge of editing and designing The Gradual. I was assigned to design page 2, and I was one of the people in charge of editing The Gradual overall as… Continue reading The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019

Advertising and Copywriting

Final Ad Campaign: Join the Ramily

I choose to complete my final ad campaign project on the Eunice and James L. West Library's TXWES Reads program. The purpose of the program is to create a community of readers on the Texas Wesleyan University campus by bringing faculty, staff, and students together in reading and discussing the same book, according to the… Continue reading Final Ad Campaign: Join the Ramily

Advertising and Copywriting

Practice Ad Campaign: Live Golden. Think Robson.

I had to create a practice ad campaign on selling houses in a fake retirement home of my own creation. The campaign uses print, radio, video, and social media ads. Product: Robson Ranch Retirement Homes is pre-selling houses Target: active 55-65 year olds living in the Southern United Stated in the suburbs looking to retire… Continue reading Practice Ad Campaign: Live Golden. Think Robson.


Semester Four Print/Writing Layout

I redesigned the front page layout from the previous three semesters after taking over as editor-in-chief. The Rambler Vol. 102 No. 1 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/feb._14_vol._102_issue_1 I wrote Freshmen give fresh view on Stella, Top six service areas to know on campus, and Theatre Wesleyan puts on "Important Hats." I designed and photographed all the art paired with… Continue reading Semester Four Print/Writing Layout


Semester Three Print/Writing Layout

The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 8 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/sept._6_book I wrote Wesleyan prepares for football and "Finest piano in Fort Worth" returns home. I designed the graphic for Wesleyan prepares for football and did the layout for page six. The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 9 https://issuu.com/therambler/docs/sept._20_book I wrote Blithe Spirit appears at Wesleyan and did the layout… Continue reading Semester Three Print/Writing Layout

Digital Photography

Photo Story Project

Artist Statement: "In Transition" shows a variety of colored photos taken around Texas Wesleyan with the exception of the black and white colored photo. The shots feature college students and non-college students interacting with everyday objects in either a childlike mindset, an adult mindset or somewhere in between. The goal of the photos is to… Continue reading Photo Story Project