Advertising and Copywriting

Made to Stick Essay

When lies and conspiracies are remembered better than facts and important messages, how’s an ad supposed to be remembered? The average person spends less than 3 seconds looking at an ad, so it becomes important to know how to make a message stick with the people. In Chip and Dan Heath’s New York Times Bestseller,… Continue reading Made to Stick Essay

Advertising and Copywriting

Final Ad Campaign: Join the Ramily

I choose to complete my final ad campaign project on the Eunice and James L. West Library's TXWES Reads program. The purpose of the program is to create a community of readers on the Texas Wesleyan University campus by bringing faculty, staff, and students together in reading and discussing the same book, according to the… Continue reading Final Ad Campaign: Join the Ramily

Advertising and Copywriting

Practice Ad Campaign: Live Golden. Think Robson.

I had to create a practice ad campaign on selling houses in a fake retirement home of my own creation. The campaign uses print, radio, video, and social media ads. Product: Robson Ranch Retirement Homes is pre-selling houses Target: active 55-65 year olds living in the Southern United Stated in the suburbs looking to retire… Continue reading Practice Ad Campaign: Live Golden. Think Robson.

In-Depth News, Integrated Media Reporting

Slabach cuts through budget worries

With rumors spreading, tuition rising, and the recent change to the block rate spawning a student protest last week, students and faculty are looking for answers about Texas Wesleyan’s financial future. After all, back in February, President Frederick Slabach announced at a town hall meeting that the university anticipates “having to cut $2.9 million from… Continue reading Slabach cuts through budget worries


Semester Four Print/Writing Layout

I redesigned the front page layout from the previous three semesters after taking over as editor-in-chief. The Rambler Vol. 102 No. 1 I wrote Freshmen give fresh view on Stella, Top six service areas to know on campus, and Theatre Wesleyan puts on "Important Hats." I designed and photographed all the art paired with… Continue reading Semester Four Print/Writing Layout


Semester Three Print/Writing Layout

The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 8 I wrote Wesleyan prepares for football and "Finest piano in Fort Worth" returns home. I designed the graphic for Wesleyan prepares for football and did the layout for page six. The Rambler Vol. 101 No. 9 I wrote Blithe Spirit appears at Wesleyan and did the layout… Continue reading Semester Three Print/Writing Layout


The horrors of being a reporter

It’s just taking pictures. That’ll be easy. Whether it’s yearbooks or newspaper, reporters in general don’t just have the “easy” job of taking pictures. Even the people that know there’s actually writing included in the job may not realize the horror stories student reporters deal with all the time. Before we get into the truly… Continue reading The horrors of being a reporter


Buffy guards the psychology department

What if Willie the Ram wasn’t the only mascot at Texas Wesleyan? If you’re wandering the halls of the Nenetta Burton Carter Building, you may come face to face with a festive, hairy, severed javelina pig head by the name of Buffy. “Buffy has been here [Nenetta Burton] since we moved in,” said Dr. John… Continue reading Buffy guards the psychology department


#MeToo breaks silence for victims

Just because nobody says anything doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We tend to live in a society that tends to put a “hush hush” on sexual assault and sexual harassment. This can be seen with the emerging accusations against public figures such as President Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, Charlie Sheen and, most recently,… Continue reading #MeToo breaks silence for victims