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Final Ad Campaign: Join the Ramily

I choose to complete my final ad campaign project on the Eunice and James L. West Library’s TXWES Reads program. The purpose of the program is to create a community of readers on the Texas Wesleyan University campus by bringing faculty, staff, and students together in reading and discussing the same book, according to the website. The library plans to use Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief” for the second annual TXWES Reads program starting in fall 2019.

Creative Brief

Product: EJW Library TXWES READS 2018

A: Primary features/benefits in order of importance
Feature                      Benefits
1) Reading                 1) Relaxation, Higher Test Scores, Improved Memory
2) Discussion             2) Improved empathy, more active community member
3) Free Food              3) Not having to pay for food

B: Exclusive or unique product (service) attributes: The reading with discussion is only offered by TXWES READS outside of the classroom. It gives scholars the opportunity to discuss how literature relates to today’s society at events on campus.

C: Can product claims be substantiated? Yes, it can if people look at other clubs, events, and organizations on campus and compare it.

D: Parent company name important? Why? Eunice and James L. West Library gives TXWES READS credit since it is a college library hosting a literature discussion.

E: Brand value: No brand status

The Consumer

A: Demographics: Texas Wesleyan University college students, both male and female, 18-25 (with a mix of older college students), Fort Worth area

B: Psychographics: overworked, close-knit, looking for incentives to do things, like free things, working to complete degrees/qualifications

C: Needs fulfilled by buying this product or service: relaxation, free food, shirts, etc., improved community relations, memory, and test scores

The Marketplace

A: Major competitors/rank in the market/market share
-Other student organizations that meet during free period
-Students working off-campus at the time or work due at the time
-Student exhaustion/naptime
-Lunch off-campus

B: Competitive advantage/disadvantage of the product (service)
Competitor / Our advantage (competitors’ disadvantage)
1) Other organizations/clubs- only occurs monthly/bi-monthly so less time commitment/ less loyalty to event
2) Work/Classwork- can be fun and relaxing than work/ time lost that could have been used for work
3) Naptime- can be more fulfilling use of time gaining knowledge, connects, and free stuff/ loss of sleep
4) Lunch off-campus- free food that can still be from off-campus/ loss of choice of food

C: Position of product (service in the market)
Newer product/service has some advantages, but also some disadvantages

D: Pricing position
Low cost/ No cost

Creative Strategy

A: Ad Campaign The “One Thing”: Reading Ramily

B: Significant facts or statistics
“Studies show that reading for pleasure reduces stress, heightens empathy, improves students’ test scores, slows the onset of dementia, and makes us more active and aware citizens.” -NEA Big Read (used by West Library)

PowerPoint Overview of the Ad Campaign: 

Join the Ramily. TXWES READS. Ad campaign overview

Part I: Facebook Ad

Final 30 Second Facebook Ad

Part II: Twitter Ad

Final 30 Second Twitter Ad

Part III: Instagram/ Snapchat/ Flyers around campus

Final Social Media Flyer Ad

Part IV: Newspaper Ad

Final Newspaper Ad

Part V: 30-Second Radio Ad

30 Second Radio Ad

Part VI: 10-Second TV Ad

Final 10 Second TV Ad

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