Intercultural Communication

Social Media Project

For this social media project, I decided to post exclusively to Twitter since we were using hashtags and talking about international news. I feel Twitter is usually the place to share news articles without too much opinion or bias like Facebook. I also feel it just has a better system for monitoring hashtags. Post 1:… Continue reading Social Media Project

Special Topics: Social Media

Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

SMART GOALS • Increase audience engagement with posts I’d like to write posts the encourage at least one person to like it or comment on it for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. • Post more content I’d like to post at least three times a week to Facebook and Instagram, two times a week for LinkedIn,… Continue reading Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

Special Topics: Social Media

Twitter Campaign: 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship

I had to create a Twitter campaign of five tweets promoting the upcoming deadline for the 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship using Hootsuite to schedule posts. The tweets needed to explain what the Hatton Sumner's program was and encourage students to apply. I made sure to include visuals with each tweet to get more engagement and… Continue reading Twitter Campaign: 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship

breaking news

Cox suspended 11 days before first football game

With 11 days left until the Rams football team plays the first game of the 2018 season, offensive coordinator Kyle Cox has been suspended. President Frederick Slabach announced Cox’s suspension in an email to faculty and staff Wednesday evening. Slabach wrote that tweets Cox wrote between 2012 and 2014 “contain questionable content that does not… Continue reading Cox suspended 11 days before first football game


#MeToo breaks silence for victims

Just because nobody says anything doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We tend to live in a society that tends to put a “hush hush” on sexual assault and sexual harassment. This can be seen with the emerging accusations against public figures such as President Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, Charlie Sheen and, most recently,… Continue reading #MeToo breaks silence for victims

In-Depth News, News Feature

Students react to rat in Dora’s

Freshman Elijah Taplin thought he heard silverware drop during dinner, until the Dora Roberts Dining Hall erupted in screams of, “There's a rat!” “I videoed it because I didn’t think my friends would believe me,” Taplin said. “One of my friends was like, ‘I bet you won’t post that to Twitter.’ We made a deal… Continue reading Students react to rat in Dora’s

Communication and Rhetoric

The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news

(2017, December 3). ABC News suspends reporter Brian Ross for Michael Flynn reporting error that sparked a frenzy. CNBC. Retrieved from 1. The article discusses the event and impact of ABC News reporter Brian Ross being suspended for four weeks after making a serious fact error on a report about Michael Flynn. Ross initially… Continue reading The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news