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Proposal Assignment

Original Submission: Memo To: Dr. Carl Smeller From: Hannah Onder Date: May 3, 2020 Re: The Application of a Campus App In order for the idea of using a campus app for student engagement at Texas Wesleyan to work, the IT Department, the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Division of Student Affairs, the Athletic… Continue reading Proposal Assignment

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Slabach hosts first virtual 2020 Town Hall meeting

Over 90 faculty and staff logged into Zoom Tuesday afternoon for the first 2020 Town Hall meeting of the semester and the first meeting since the COVID-19 restrictions. President Frederick Slabach headed the meeting and answered general questions as usual. But unlike regular town hall meetings where one group has the focus, Slabach had several… Continue reading Slabach hosts first virtual 2020 Town Hall meeting

News Feature

5 new places to eat at Texas Wesleyan

In the last six months, the Wesleyan dining environment has changed drastically.Instead of students just having Dora Robert’s Dining Hall, West Express Eatery, and a Subway as their only options, there’s now five new food places that students can walk to. 1) Ben's Triple B: Biscuit, Burgers, Brewery Last April, Ben Merritt opened Ben’s Triple… Continue reading 5 new places to eat at Texas Wesleyan

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Henderson hangs up provost position to teach

After 25 years in Texas Wesleyan’s administration, including 16 as provost, Dr. Allen Henderson has decided to return to his roots of teaching before retiring, sparking a search for a new provost.   “My favorite moments at Texas Wesleyan include teaching students and seeing their lives transformed for the better as they achieve their goals and their dream of an… Continue reading Henderson hangs up provost position to teach

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Cox suspended 11 days before first football game

With 11 days left until the Rams football team plays the first game of the 2018 season, offensive coordinator Kyle Cox has been suspended. President Frederick Slabach announced Cox’s suspension in an email to faculty and staff Wednesday evening. Slabach wrote that tweets Cox wrote between 2012 and 2014 “contain questionable content that does not… Continue reading Cox suspended 11 days before first football game


Buffy guards the psychology department

What if Willie the Ram wasn’t the only mascot at Texas Wesleyan? If you’re wandering the halls of the Nenetta Burton Carter Building, you may come face to face with a festive, hairy, severed javelina pig head by the name of Buffy. “Buffy has been here [Nenetta Burton] since we moved in,” said Dr. John… Continue reading Buffy guards the psychology department


Sheek shines in and out of the classroom

As his hand reaches out for the stack of dishes stacked in the window, Silas Sheek does just one part of his weekly routine of working at Dora Roberts Dinning Hall. “[I do] dishwashing and wash the pots and pans in the back,” Sheek said. “Last semester, I did serving line quite frequently, which is… Continue reading Sheek shines in and out of the classroom

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Students react to rat in Dora’s

Freshman Elijah Taplin thought he heard silverware drop during dinner, until the Dora Roberts Dining Hall erupted in screams of, “There's a rat!” “I videoed it because I didn’t think my friends would believe me,” Taplin said. “One of my friends was like, ‘I bet you won’t post that to Twitter.’ We made a deal… Continue reading Students react to rat in Dora’s

Daily/ Second-Day News

Security issues addressed at open forum

With nine vehicle burglaries and two armed robberies this semester, concern for safety on campus has risen. “It [the car robberies and the armed robberies] freaked me out, because it happened in the middle of the day,” sophomore mass communication major Trudy Allen said. “I just don’t want that to happen to me.” In response… Continue reading Security issues addressed at open forum

News Feature

Car break-ins worry students

Amber Tuma had only been gone 45 minutes when her backpack disappeared from her back seat. “I parked beside the Texas Wesleyan bookstore on Rosedale Street,” Tuma said. “There were other cars there, so I didn’t think anything about it. I was like, ‘Oh my God, my backpack is heavy,’ so I grabbed anything of… Continue reading Car break-ins worry students