Advanced Writing

Proposal Assignment

Original Submission: Memo To: Dr. Carl Smeller From: Hannah Onder Date: May 3, 2020 Re: The Application of a Campus App In order for the idea of using a campus app for student engagement at Texas Wesleyan to work, the IT Department, the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Division of Student Affairs, the Athletic… Continue reading Proposal Assignment

Daily/ Second-Day News

Slabach hosts first virtual 2020 Town Hall meeting

Over 90 faculty and staff logged into Zoom Tuesday afternoon for the first 2020 Town Hall meeting of the semester and the first meeting since the COVID-19 restrictions. President Frederick Slabach headed the meeting and answered general questions as usual. But unlike regular town hall meetings where one group has the focus, Slabach had several… Continue reading Slabach hosts first virtual 2020 Town Hall meeting


Wesleyan grows service opportunities

Texas Wesleyan’s food pantry, which started as a budgetless volunteer project, has exploded this semester. “This semester has been absolutely phenomenal in terms of volunteering, so much so that we have managed to open the food pantry five days a week for a good portion of the day,” Dr. Alison Simons said. “Freshmen this semester… Continue reading Wesleyan grows service opportunities