Communication and Rhetoric

An analysis on P!nk’s “What About Us”

As a long time P!nk fan, "What About Us" really struck a chord with me. Initially, on the surface, this song may sound like your typical relationship song with lyrics like "what about love/trust/us?" However, when you watch the music video and listen more closely the true message is revealed. I loved the story behind… Continue reading An analysis on P!nk’s “What About Us”


Wesleyan becomes more inclusive

In spring 2016, Dr. Alison Simons, associate professor of sociology and Gay-Straight Alliance advisor, approached David Monge, coordinator of Student Life and Greek Life, about expanding the Gay-Straight Alliance’s ally training program into something bigger. A year later, Monge has provided the program with a permanent home in Student Affairs, offering workshops to make Texas… Continue reading Wesleyan becomes more inclusive


Wesleyan introduces food pantry

Senior sociology major Lessie Haney, a mother of five, knows how it feels to struggle with finances while in college. So when Dr. Alison Simons, assistant professor of sociology, approached her about Texas Wesleyan’s food pantry, she jumped at the chance to help. “She had told me about the food pantry and I thought it… Continue reading Wesleyan introduces food pantry


FAFSA ignores middle-class students

When throwing your graduation cap in the air, saying goodbye to childhood friends and setting off on new journeys, something that often slips the mind of graduating high school seniors is paying for college. Students may think completing FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) and having top grades is good enough to get them… Continue reading FAFSA ignores middle-class students

Composition II

The Power of Silence

Can there be a conversation between people with just one speaker? August Strindberg’s The Stronger manages to tell a whole story with a conversation that seems one-sided on the surface with only Mrs. X speaking. However, this is not the case because of how the piece is written. I love how Strindberg writes in just… Continue reading The Power of Silence

Composition II

Should We Teach Children Traditional Gender Roles?

Gender Roles PowerPoint Presentation Introduction In August of 2015 Target announced that they were going to get rid of the boy and girl aisles in their toy section. After the news spread there were two main responses to this: outrage and praise. Some people thought it was ridiculous to take away the signs that were… Continue reading Should We Teach Children Traditional Gender Roles?

Composition II

Why Do People Conform to Society?

According to Chris McCandless, society is the place to leave behind because living within it leads to unhappiness:   "So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give… Continue reading Why Do People Conform to Society?