Special Topics: Social Media

Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

SMART GOALS • Increase audience engagement with posts I’d like to write posts the encourage at least one person to like it or comment on it for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. • Post more content I’d like to post at least three times a week to Facebook and Instagram, two times a week for LinkedIn,… Continue reading Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

Special Topics: Social Media

Instagram Campaign: Welcome Spring

I was tasked with creating five Instagram posts that captured the theme of "Welcome Spring" and used the hashtag #WelcomeSpring. I choose to do some nature post around the community that visually showed springtime was approaching. I made sure to use strong photos with short captions and hashtags since that's the combination that usually performs… Continue reading Instagram Campaign: Welcome Spring

Special Topics: Social Media

Facebook Campaign: 5 De Mayo Event

I had to craft five Facebook posts to promote an on-campus event. I was tasked with doing promotion, live coverage, and follow up coverage of the chosen event. I chose KDP and BESO's 5 De Mayo event. Since it was a longer event, I decided to do one promotional post, one follow up post, and… Continue reading Facebook Campaign: 5 De Mayo Event

Special Topics: Social Media

Twitter Campaign: 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship

I had to create a Twitter campaign of five tweets promoting the upcoming deadline for the 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship using Hootsuite to schedule posts. The tweets needed to explain what the Hatton Sumner's program was and encourage students to apply. I made sure to include visuals with each tweet to get more engagement and… Continue reading Twitter Campaign: 2019 Hatton Sumner Scholarship

Integrated Media Reporting

Rams tag their thanks at annual TAG Day

The Office of Alumni Relations hosted their fourth annual Thank All Givers event, TAG Day, on March 1 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the campus mall. In exchange for posting photos to social media and signing the banner, students were given free T-shirts and root beer floats.

Integrated Media Reporting, Online

Dumb tweets shouldn’t mean expulsion

When universities make headlines, they don’t want it to because a student goes viral for saying the N-word on social media. In late March, sophomore Jillian Kirk from Michigan State University posted a racist message on SnapChat that was put on Twitter and retweeted more than 11,000 times. According to The New York Post, there… Continue reading Dumb tweets shouldn’t mean expulsion

Communication and Rhetoric

The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news

(2017, December 3). ABC News suspends reporter Brian Ross for Michael Flynn reporting error that sparked a frenzy. CNBC. Retrieved from https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/03/abc-news-suspends-brian-ross-for-michael-flynn-report.html 1. The article discusses the event and impact of ABC News reporter Brian Ross being suspended for four weeks after making a serious fact error on a report about Michael Flynn. Ross initially… Continue reading The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news

Communication and Rhetoric

Could psychology be the key to getting rid of fake news?

  We live in the day and age where news is pumped out so fast by so many different sources with so many different viewpoints; it can be hard to make sense of what's true and what's fake. Fake news is the spread of false information heighten by social media that that’s used to influence… Continue reading Could psychology be the key to getting rid of fake news?