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Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Original Submission: Why Writers Ought to Read Stephen King’s “On Writing” After publishing over 60 books, several of which have gone on to be made into movies, translated into different languages, and win awards, Stephen King has earned the ethos to provide advice to others in his craft (Simon&Schuster). At first glance, King’s “On Writing:… Continue reading Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Composition I

Rhetorical analysis: Should education be reformed?

In Regan Manwell Sowinski’s editorial “Stop Blaming Teachers: Send Texts Instead”, Sowinski pushes the message that American education materials need to adopt viewpoints from all sides of the culture it teaches. Sowinski advocates for this change in the classroom by reasoning through the materials in current use and speculating what they could be, establishing her… Continue reading Rhetorical analysis: Should education be reformed?