Writing for Careers

Project 5: Composing Career Text

I choose to take what I learned editing a section of the Blackboard Manual and make my own mini instruction manual. I created it specifically for The Rambler Media staff or beginner page designers. Click to view a PDF of my InDesign Manual: How to Create Pages for Beginners Reflection https://www.slideshare.net/HannahOnder/design-instruction-manual-reflection

Digital Design and Editing

Live Event Podcast Reflection

My Digital Design and Editing class partnered with three other classes for Wesleyan's mass communication department to participate in an annual fake breaking news event. The event allows students to practice being reports, editors, and PR team members. This year the event was Killer Clowns. Individual Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/hannah-onder/live-event-individual-podcast Group Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/hannah-onder/live-event-group-podcast

Advertising and Copywriting

Made to Stick Essay

https://issuu.com/hannahonder/docs/hannah_onder_make_to_stick_essay_ed When lies and conspiracies are remembered better than facts and important messages, how’s an ad supposed to be remembered? The average person spends less than 3 seconds looking at an ad, so it becomes important to know how to make a message stick with the people. In Chip and Dan Heath’s New York Times… Continue reading Made to Stick Essay

Feature Writing, In-Depth News, Integrated Media Reporting

Jeffcoat pitches his opinion on his termination

Mike Jeffcoat knows he was wrong to write what he did in that email. “Right after we had some people fail a drug test, I get this email from this young man, and just out of a moment of frustration, I emailed something I could have said differently to him,” Jeffcoat, Texas Wesleyan’s former head… Continue reading Jeffcoat pitches his opinion on his termination


Bennett is a real-life superhero

A few years ago, Cameron Bennett got separated from his Boy Scout troop all night on a mountain in New Mexico. When he woke up the next morning, he had the choice of facing a bear or jumping off a cliff. “By the time I kind of tried to get things settled in my head,… Continue reading Bennett is a real-life superhero

Digital Photography

Gallery Art Exhibit Review: Fort Worth Community Art Center’s “Along the Rio Grande’s Big Bend”

In the Fort Worth Community Art Center’s gallery, titled “Along the Rio Grande’s Big Bend”, the photography displayed is black and white photographs done as pigment inkjet prints. The photographs portray the landscape around the Rio Grande with contrasting viewpoints. Ken Spencer the photographer titled the gallery “Along the Rio Grande’s Big Bend” because his… Continue reading Gallery Art Exhibit Review: Fort Worth Community Art Center’s “Along the Rio Grande’s Big Bend”

Digital Photography

Museum Art Exhibit Review: Amon Carter’s “American Photography 1845 to Now”

The Fort Worth Amon Carter Museum’s “American Photography 1845 to Now” displays a wide array of historic photos in both black and white and color. The exhibit has everything from 1940 Daguerreotype photography to the present inkjet print photography, which helps people learn the history of photography as well as how it’s evolved through capturing… Continue reading Museum Art Exhibit Review: Amon Carter’s “American Photography 1845 to Now”

Composition I

Final reflective memo: My composition I journey

~ Section I ~ When I entered college, I thought I could write just about anything. For a while I think that was true when I was writing two or three pages of literary narratives, rhetorical analyses, and literary analyses. I will admit my grammar and syntax isn’t always on point and writing can always… Continue reading Final reflective memo: My composition I journey