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Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Original Submission: Why Writers Ought to Read Stephen King’s “On Writing” After publishing over 60 books, several of which have gone on to be made into movies, translated into different languages, and win awards, Stephen King has earned the ethos to provide advice to others in his craft (Simon&Schuster). At first glance, King’s “On Writing:… Continue reading Stephen King Response Essay Assignment

Composition II

The Power of Silence

Can there be a conversation between people with just one speaker? August Strindberg’s The Stronger manages to tell a whole story with a conversation that seems one-sided on the surface with only Mrs. X speaking. However, this is not the case because of how the piece is written. I love how Strindberg writes in just… Continue reading The Power of Silence

Composition I

Literary analysis: Our role models

Who do you look up too? In Benjamin Percy’s “Refresh, Refresh,” the author writes a story about two boys growing up with their father’s out at war. Within the piece Percy pushes the idea that fathers shape who their sons grow up to be by showing how the boys work to make them proud, how… Continue reading Literary analysis: Our role models