Texas Wesleyan continued its 128-year tradition of convocation as students, staff, and faculty gathered in Nicholas Martin Hall on Tuesday to open the fall 2018 semester. The convocation opened with the Dr. Gladys Childs, interim dean of the School of Arts and Letters and university chaplain, leading the invocation, the Wesleyan Chamber Singers singing the… Continue reading

Communication and Rhetoric

The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news

(2017, December 3). ABC News suspends reporter Brian Ross for Michael Flynn reporting error that sparked a frenzy. CNBC. Retrieved from 1. The article discusses the event and impact of ABC News reporter Brian Ross being suspended for four weeks after making a serious fact error on a report about Michael Flynn. Ross initially… Continue reading The identification, impact, and prevention of fake news

Writing Across Media

Brittain works to combine talents

  Freshman mass communication major Dakota Brittain has always liked football. “I think for a long time I was a typical kid,” Brittain said, “who wanted to be a football player when he grew up.” Brittain said he came to Wesleyan when he heard football was coming to Wesleyan in 2017. “I had heard about… Continue reading Brittain works to combine talents

Composition I

Rhetorical analysis: Should education be reformed?

In Regan Manwell Sowinski’s editorial “Stop Blaming Teachers: Send Texts Instead”, Sowinski pushes the message that American education materials need to adopt viewpoints from all sides of the culture it teaches. Sowinski advocates for this change in the classroom by reasoning through the materials in current use and speculating what they could be, establishing her… Continue reading Rhetorical analysis: Should education be reformed?