Writing for Careers

Project 4: Editing Economics

I decided to practice technical writing by editing the discussion board section of the Blackboard instruction manual. I mainly focused on the grammar and consistency as well as the format. I think the biggest thing that could be improved that I didn't add is visuals. Here's the link to the original Blackboard manual (p.167-189): http://mpss.mhhe.com/cms/bb/Blackboard_Learn_Instructor_Manual_for_Release_9.pdf… Continue reading Project 4: Editing Economics

Writing for Careers

Project 2: Composing “All the Right Questions”

I researched interview questions for an editing job and then composed my own 10 questions for an editing job interview. 1) What editing tools or programs do you use regularly and why? [This allows the interviewer to see what kind of tools and programs the candidate is familiar with and why they use them. This… Continue reading Project 2: Composing “All the Right Questions”

Digital Design and Editing

The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019

Every semester, The Rambler publishes The Gradual, a special graduation edition of the newspaper. In the spring semester, the Digital Design and Editing class is in charge of editing and designing The Gradual. I was assigned to design page 2, and I was one of the people in charge of editing The Gradual overall as… Continue reading The Gradual Vol.103 Spring 2019