Rams suffer first loss against LSU-Shreveport (RV)

The team will get a shot at redemption vs. TAMUT tomorrow at 4 p.m.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Coming off a 4-0-win last Saturday, the Texas Wesleyan Men’s Soccer (1-1) fell to LSU-Shreveport (RV) (2-0) in a 0-4 shutout Thursday evening at Martin Field. The game brings the Rams’ overall record against LSU-Shreveport to 2-5.  

In the first half, the Rams tried to break through Pilots’ defenses with some shots from sophomore forward Hector Perez. In the 31st minute, Perez’s shot was blocked by LSUS’s Jake Strachan. Perez followed it up with another shot in the 32nd minute that was saved by LSUS’s goalkeeper Yoran Van Houdt.  

In the 43rd minutes, Perez took his third shot on goal but was blocked by Strachan again.  Senior midfielder Juan Rey followed Perez’s shot with his own at the 44th minute, but it went too wide.  

Senior goalkeeper Bastian Blumenberg saved three of six shots that were directly on goal in the first half. Junior defender James Kerr blocked the Pilots’ first shot on goal at the 18th minute.  

LSUS held the majority of possession for the half with clean passes and strong organization. The Rams were outshot by LSUS 4-11 in the first half, and LSUS scored twice, which brought the halftime score to 0-2.  

In the second half, the Rams came out ready to get points on the board. The home team took the kickoff, and at the 48th minute, freshman midfielder Mateja Jovanovic had a good look goal but was blocked by Strachan.  

The Rams increased the pressure on LSUS in the second half, which exposed cracks in the Pilot midfield. This allowed the Rams to have more possession of the ball, which created more runs into LSUS’s side of the field. The Rams started to close the gap in shots with a 6-10 shot record in the second half.  

In the 54th minute, the Rams launched another round of shots on goal. Sophomore defender Lazar Pavlovic’s shot in the 54th minute, Jovanovic’s shot in the 55th minute, and Perez’s shot in the 55th minute were all saved by Van Houdt.   

The second half also racked up three yellow cards, two for LSUS and one for the Rams.  

Freshman forward Augustas Aldonis took the Rams’ final shot on goal in the 77th minute, but the shot went too wide.  

The Rams lost 0-4, but they have a chance for redemption this Saturday, Oct. 10, at 4 p.m. when they play Texas A&M-Texarkana at Martin Field. 

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