Special Topics: Social Media

Final Project: Personal Brand Campaign

• Increase audience engagement with posts
I’d like to write posts the encourage at least one person to like it or comment on it for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

• Post more content
I’d like to post at least three times a week to Facebook and Instagram, two times a week for LinkedIn, and five times a week for Twitter.

• Develop a stronger brand personality
By increasing my posted content and engaging more in the community, I hope to see a strong brand personality emerge.

Audit of My Current Social Media
Social Media Site l URL l Followers l Last Activity Date
1. Facebook l https://www.facebook.com/hannah.onder l 625 friends l May 3, 2019
2. Twitter l https://twitter.com/HannahOnder l 92 followers l April 15, 2019
3. Instagram l https://www.instagram.com/hannahonder/ l 252 followers l March 31, 2019
4. LinkedIn l https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-onder/ l 40 connections l none
5. YouTube l https://bit.ly/2VrE4n4 l 1 subscriber l December 13, 2018

Post Schedule
Monday –
• Recap the Weekend (photo montage of travel and activities done over the weekend)
• Preview of the Week (teases upcoming published content or projects for the week)

Tuesday –
• Tuesday Talks (talk about a subject, review something)
• Tuesday Topics (talk about a news piece or popular trend)

Wednesday –
• Writer’s Wad (share different written pieces like poetry, short stories, or drabbles)

Thursday –
• Theory Thursdays (share theories for different fandoms)
• Thursday Thoughts (share reviews or opinions on books, movies, anime, TV shows, etc,)

Friday –
• Free Draw Fridays (Show different artwork done for fun, extras from work, or drafts)
• End of the Week Showcase (promote all the published work from the week)

Facebook (3x minimum):
1. Tuesday Talks (Tuesday)
2. Thursday Thoughts (Thursday)
3. End of the Week Showcase (Friday)

Instagram (3x minimum):
1. Recap of the Weekend (Monday)
2. Free Draw Fridays (Friday)
3. End of the Week Showcase (Friday)

Twitter (5x minimum):
1. Preview of the Week (Monday)
2. Tuesday Topics (Tuesday)
3. Writer’s Wad (Wednesday)
4. Theory Thursday (Thursday)
5. End of the Week Showcase (Friday)

LinkedIn (2x minimum):
1. Recap of the Weekend (Monday)
2. End of the Week Showcase (Friday)

Key Message

Who is Hannah Onder and what does she do? (Awareness)

• Storyteller
• College student
• Illustrator/Photographer
• Writer
• Journalist/Media
• Designer/Graphic Designer
• Book/Anime/Pop Culture Nerd
• Daughter/Sister/Pet Owner

All the post will answer that question with one or more of these defining elements. They will also all share the hashtag #HannahOnder to tie them all back to me and under this campaign.

Post Examples

Screenshot by Hannah Onder
Screenshot by Hannah Onder
Screenshot by Hannah Onder
Screenshot by Hannah Onder


I plan to use either Hootsuite Analytics or Google Analytics to track the engagement and reach of the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

After three weeks, I’ll look at what posts are doing well and continue them and possibly expand them to the other platforms if they’re not already there. If a certain type of post isn’t doing well, I’d either stop them and try something else, modify them if I think adding in another element would make them more successful, or try them on a different platform that may work better for the post type.

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