Digital Production

Motherhood: A Transitioning of Many Hats (Final Project)

After what feels like forever, here’s my final video project for my Digital Production class.

This is the story of my mother, Melanie Onder going from a young college student into a stay-at-home mom. And then her journey of transitioning back into the workforce and how that’s now changing as her kids began to become adults themselves.

This is the tale of how mothers have to wear many hats proficiently throughout their everyday life. In short, people should appreciate the sacrifices their mothers make for them and when they can they should give them a helping hand.

Director – Hannah Onder

Producer – Hannah Onder

Videographer – Hannah Onder

Editor – Hannah Onder

Music – “Tenderness” from

Graphics – created from

Pictures – contributed by Melanie Onder

Edited in – Adobe Premiere CC 2018

Special thanks to my mom and Dr. Ngozi Akinro for the permission and opportunity to create this video.

The strengths of the video is that I shot solid audio, lighting, and framing in the main a-roll. I got plenty of answers and b-roll to add to the video, plus I had solid base of photos to substitute in as well. I also had a good topic and a conversational talent which gave me a lot of good material. I think I had some stronger transitions due to all the cutting needed for this video forcing me to use more b-roll, photos, and graphics along with the cross dissolves.

The weaknesses of the video would definitely be planning and timing. I had changed my plan last minute, got sick in the planning and early shooting stages of the new schedule I’d made myself, and then already had scheduling issues with my talent and shooting times which led to a lot of the video needing artificial light since it was mostly shot in the dark. The broader plan led me to trying to piece together 60 minutes of audio down to at maximum a 20-minute video. I managed to get it to just under 15 minutes in between the 10-minute goal and my 20-minute nightmare. I would say editing probably would have been smoother and shooting less wasteful if I had a stronger plan in the beginning.

Overall I think my video and editing skills have grown from the long hours of cutting and layering for this video.


For more information on the project:

Mom Project Script

Mom Project Proposal

First Project Proposal (Pet Adoption)


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