Writing Across Media

White shares his passion for writing


Texas Wesleyan’s associate vice president of marketing and communications, Darren White has always known he was going to be a writer. Photo courtesy of Pixabay


Texas Wesleyan’s associate vice president of marketing and communications, Darren White, grew up writing fake sports columns for fun.

“I was always a good writer,” White said, “and I always wanted to be a writer.”

White, who leads the day to day marketing and communications at Wesleyan, spoke Tuesday morning to a Writing Across Media class about his job and life experience working in both journalism and PR.

“My degree was in news editorial journalism,” said White. “I’ve done the same thing you guys are doing before.”

White graduated from Texas Christian University in 2007 and worked a job as a journalist for the star-telegram before coming to Wesleyan.

“I came to Texas Wesleyan because I was a first-generation college student and I was very interested in education,” said White. “I was particularly interested in Texas Wesleyan. It was on the east side of Fort Worth – which I didn’t know a lot about – and I just thought it was kind of different from my experiences at TCU.”

White, who came to Texas Wesleyan about seven years ago, is credited with leading the development of the Smaller, Smarter, campaign, according to txwes.edu.

“We’re not a large school so we realized we were an unchallenged brand,” White said. “From there we were able to develop that idea of Smaller Smarter. We started with Smaller is Smarter and then we trimmed it down to Smaller Smarter.”

White said he loves his job because he gets to be creative and work closely with the students. He doesn’t know what other job he would do.

“I always wanted to do a creative job,” said White. “For me I think that was the sort of experience here.”


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