Writing Across Media

Brittain works to combine talents


Freshman mass communication Dakota Brittain plans to be a sports broadcaster when he graduates in 2020. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Freshman mass communication major Dakota Brittain has always liked football.

“I think for a long time I was a typical kid,” Brittain said, “who wanted to be a football player when he grew up.”

Brittain said he came to Wesleyan when he heard football was coming to Wesleyan in 2017.

“I had heard about the football program that was starting up and that kind of peaked my interest,” Brittain said. “I’d met a senior at Texas Wesleyan (Nikki Lockwood, a soccer player) who told me about the program and so I applied.”

Brittain, who came to Wesleyan in the fall of 2016, joined the football team as a wide receiver. Brittain said football isn’t his only talent.

“Really since I started school, I’ve known (about) my strength as a writer,” Brittain said. “I really started to recognize (that) strength in middle school.”

Brittain, who graduated from Canyon Creek Christian Academy in Frisco, Texas, said he wanted to continue with writing in college.

“I knew that I would want to do something that would allow me to write, because I knew that’s what I was good at,” Brittain said. “I heard about mass communications so I decided to settle on that.”

Brittain said he would like a career that mixes both sports and media.

“I wanted to be a broadcaster covering sports and being around sports,” Brittain said. “Broadcasting to me sounded really cool.”

For now, Brittain said he’s still exploring his options for when he graduates.

“I plan to be finished in 2020,” Brittain said. “I hope to be here all four years and graduate as a senior.”

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